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The Concept Р Explained

Nearly all transportation devices use some sort of fossil energy. Be it cars, trains, busses, even modern concepts like

hybrids, Mag lev trains an even the hyperloop. Except maybe solar powered vehicles and… the bicycle! And a bike is

also good for your health. But it’s not very fast, because of the friction of the tires on the road.

We came up with a concept that is mainly a bicycle, but one that ‘floats’ on a magnetic field. The field is generated

by solar power. Magnetic rails on the bottom of the bike are equally charged by solar panels on the roof of the bike,

or by a dynamo on the peddle wheel.

The bike is either moved forward either by a ‘racked railway system’ below the bike, a propeller on the back end,

or a revolutionary magnetic peddle wheel. All powered by the person riding the bike.

The bike itself is made of recycled honeycomb carton, plexiglass window and a light weight mechanism, to keep

the bike as light as possible.